Welcome to Big Foot Notes to Nevada’s History

     This site is about the 20th century history of the state of Nevada. 

   Having spent fifty-eight years of my life in the 20th Century, and 61 of years connected to Nevada, this site will be filled with my personal historical interests and observations.  

 Robert Stoldal

     Footnotes and facts.  As far as facts –   we will search for and research  stories that have not been told.  Small stories, the footnotes of history.  We will look for historical errors, especially those on government web sites,  both the nit-pick kind as well those that fit into the important category.  One other note about this site, it too will have opportunities for improvement.  Look forward to corrections, comments and valuable criticism.

Photographs and post cards.  A key element on this site is the preservation and identification of the images on photographs and post cards of the state,  including the,who, what, why, where and when of the images.

    Fun.  I asked an artist friend, Lynn Adamson to create a “Captain History” logo for this blog site, expecting something along the lines of pirate captain with a parrot on his shoulder preferably a Norwegian Blue with great plumage.     Nope, just a bit of white hair standing in front of boxes full of information for  this blog.

The title ‘Captain History’ was bestowed upon this reporter several years ago by award winning Nevada political reporter and friend Steve Sebelius.   We had a ‘discussion’ as Las Vegas was celebrating its 100 birthday as a city in 2005.  Steve, who knows his history, insisted the City’s 100 birthday should not take place until 2011.  Steve was correct-sorta. Yes Las Vegas did not become an official “City” until it incorporated and elected its first mayor in 1911.  Before that it was an official “Town” and for the previous ninety-nine years the ‘community’ had celebrated is birthday as May 15, 1905.  And, it was during our discussions Steve, with tongue in cheek, with the power vested in him, came up with the title “Captain History.”


        About the author of this site. – January, 2018
            Robert A. Stoldal-  Journalist and independent curator and student of Nevada history.
     Journalist –
  •       Currently an Editorial Consultant to Nevada Public Radio,
  •       Currently Chairman of the Board of Nevada Independent, a nonpartisan, nonprofit news and opinion website founded in 2017.

 Student of Nevada History –

  •     Currently Chairman of the Board of the Nevada State Museum system.
  •     Currently member of Commission for Cultural Centers and Historic Preservation.
  •      Currently Vice-Chair of the City of Las Vegas Historic Preservation Commission.
  •      Currently charter board member, Mob Museum,
  •      Currently Vice Chairman of Preserve Nevada.
  •      Currently a board member Nevada Commission on Tourism.
  •      Currently a board member of the Atomic Testing Museum.