About this Site and Captain History

About this site  

This site is about the 20th century history of the state of Nevada.

This site is about the 20th century history of the state of Nevada.

Starting in San Francisco, California in the 20th century, and then moving to Las Vegas in 1956,  the site will be filled with my interests and observations of Nevada with flashback moments to 19th and Hancock in the city by the bay.

     Phacts.  And as far as facts –   we will search and research topics with an eye toward stories that have not been told, as well as correcting the many published errors about our state’s history.  We will look for and correct errors, from nit-picks to important ones.  One other note about this site, it too has opportunities for improvement.

I look forward to corrections, comments, and valuable criticism.

Photographs and post cards.  The foundation of Nevada’s history on this site is done in part through the preservation and identification of the images on photographs and post cards, including the pictures’ who, what, why, where, and when.

    Phun.  I asked an artist friend, Lynn Adamson, to create a “Captain History” logo for this blog site, expecting something like a pirate captain with a parrot on his shoulder, preferably a Norwegian Blue with great plumage.     Nope, just a bit of white hair standing in front of boxes full of information for this blog.

The title ‘Captain History’ was bestowed upon this reporter several years ago by award winning Nevada political reporter and friend Steve Sebelius.   We had a ‘discussion’ as Las Vegas was celebrating its 100 birthday as a city in 2005.  Steve, who knows his history, insisted the City’s 100 birthday should not occur until 2011.  Steve was correct.   Las Vegas did not become an official uupper case  ‘C’, “City” until it incorporated and elected its first mayor in 1911.  Before that, it was an official unincorporated “town.”  It was during our discussions with Steve, and with the power vested in him, he came up with the title “Captain History.”


Our family, Kay and myself and our three sons, live and work in Nevada and Utah. Our youngest, Christian, is a graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno and lives in that great city.  Our oldest, Adam, lives with his wife, Jess in Utah and is attending a university there, and receive his degree this year is is working on a second degree..   Their brother and our son, Matthew, is attending the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and will graduate next year.

All have a love, appreciation and respect for our environment and history.


        About the author of this site. – January, 2024
            Robert A. Stoldal-  Journalist and independent curator and student of Nevada history.
     Journalist –
  •       Currently a member of the NPR – KNPR Citizen Advisory Board.
  •       Currently services as Chairman of the Board of Nevada Independent, a nonpartisan, nonprofit news                and opinion website founded in 2017.
  •      Member of the Radio Television Digital News Association since 1972.

 Student of Nevada History –

  •     Past Chair of the Board of the Nevada State Museum and History.
  •      Currently Chair of the City of Las Vegas Historic Preservation Commission.
  •      Currently charter board member, Mob Museum,
  •      Currently Vice Chairman of Preserve Nevada.
  •      Currently a  board member of the Atomic Testing Museum.
  •     Currently a member of the board of the Las Vegas Springs Preserve.
  •     Former member of the Nevada Commission on Cultural Center and Historic Places.
  •    Former member of the Nevada Commission on Tourism.