Links to Las Vegas and Nevada History Websites

Classic Vegas

The Classic Vegas web site continues to keep the spirit of Las Vegas thought detailed information and images all based on the dedication, artistic talent, hard work, knowledge and the love of the communities history by the web site’s founder Lynn Zook.

Here is how Lynn describes her work, “This website is part of a larger historical preservation project that we have been working on for almost twenty years. Collaborating with a number of local museums, foundations and organizations, as well as our own archive, we are dedicated to sharing both the history and images of Las Vegas while also keeping you updated on current preservation and historical projects.”

Lynn’s site should be on the top of your Las Vegas history web sites and should be supported.


Over 50 Vegas

Alan Schuyler, “Editor” of has created a massive site about the history of Las Vegas that goes way beyond the standard timeline listing of the history of the Strip and goes back to the heart of Las Vegas, Fremont Street.

Schuyler says  “Over50Vegas is intended to be a place where the hobby of collecting casino and entertainment related items combines with a century of colorful history.”

Over50Vegas is also site for those who preserve the history of Las Vegas through their collections, Schuyler says “ explores the history of the downtown Las Vegas area and combines the history with the many collectibles that have appeared over the years. “We visit with the early people, places, events, and icons that made Las Vegas the place it is today.

In addition Schuyler says, “I try to go back to the original records instead of just copying information from other sits.  I search old newspapers, local magazines, business directories and phonebooks.”

The details, clearly based on hours, days, weeks, months, years of research is especially found on Schuyler  “sitemaps” by name and address of property.  The stories of small and large clubs in Las Vegas are also treasures themselves, often highlighted with memorabilia from each of the clubs.

Stop by Schuyler’s site when looking for facts, and fun, and throw in a thank you for Schulyer and his  hard work preserving the history of Las Vegas.


Vintage Las Vegas

Jeffery Carlson’s web site is an amazing collection of images of both downtown Las Vegas and the Strip.  But far more than a collection of publicity shots of each club or resort, Carlson has dug through just about every known source of images and video of Las Vegas.  Plus his own photographs, tourist snapshots   an in every case an effort is made to identify time, place and photographer.

Carlson says “The purpose of Vintage Las Vegas is to build a dated photographic record of Las Vegas, with focus on the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown, limited to the 20th century. Index pages are maintained for Las Vegas Blvd and Downtown. The collection can be searched by year or property name.  “An attempt is made to accurately date and credit every photo.

Again, while using newspaper sources for facts, as well as telephone books, Carlson also digs into Clark County property records and Sanborn Insurance Maps which provide not just location, but details about each property.

Based on talent, hard work, and a love of Las Vegas, Carlson’s site, while visually informative and entertaining, provides the visitor with a solid foundation of facts each location. continues to earn it spot as one of the best Las Vegas history websites.