Earl Brothers, Curio King of Boulder Dam

Earl Brothers, as the Boulder-Hoover-Boulder Dam was being built, received an exclusive license to supply visitors and tourist with everything from post cards to small metal dams.

Brothers was in fact for several decades, the Curio King of Boulder Dam.  In this first of a multi-part series, the focus is on his relationship with the largest post card printer in the United States at the time Curt Teich out of Chicago.

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1914 Las Vegas Post Card – Clark County Court House – DeLongchamps

Frank Doherty, newspaperman, elected official of new county of Clark County and Las Vegas silent motion picture operator, in 1914 published one Las Vegas Post

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The original “Father of Clark County”

With all due respect to the man known as Copper King, and the person who Clark County, Nevada is named after, William Andrews Clark, the true, the first, the original “father of Clark County” was Marius Samuel Beal.

This eleven-page article will detail the early development of Las Vegas through the actions of a world traveler, who very late in life, would move to a railroad camp on the edge of the Mojave desert, and what he did to create the county of Clark.

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Leon and Nell Oakes  – Las Vegas Photographers 1920s-1940s Part One

In 1921, the husband and wife team of photographers, Leon and Nell Oakes arrived in Las Vegas.   For nearly a quarter century the Oakes name would be connected to photography in southern Nevada.

This is part one of a series of articles on their live and their photographs, which include more than monthly updates of the construction of Hoover Dam.

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